Service Agreement



The personal information of and in possession of the Client will be treated confidentially and with respect at all times. During the course of our service, we may come across items of a private or personal nature. It is our policy and is strictly enforced that no personal or private information is ever shared with anyone else. This includes name, address, phone number. Staff members may share information with the Owner of Neat NC only.


[ORGANIZING ONLY] Client acknowledges the in-home 30-minute consultation is free and agrees to the Organizer’s hourly rate of $50 per organizer. A minimum of 3-hour session is required for all projects.

[WHOLE HOUSE MOVE-IN ONLY] Client acknowledges the in-home 30-minute consultation is free. Incur priority pricing when booking within 72 hours of the project date. This charge is an added 10% of the total package price.

The initial invoice for the project package will be presented upon delivery of this contract and payment is due in full upon receipt. This ensures your project date on the Neat NC scheduling calendar. Organizing supplies will be invoiced at project completion and payment is due upon receipt.

Acceptable payment methods:

Cash– paid directly to the Lead Organizer on site

Checks– paid directly to the Lead Organizer on-site made out to “Neat NC”

Credit/Debit Cards– paid online through Dubsado, our invoicing software; paid in person processed through Square.

Neat NC will not provide any type of financing.

If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, there will be a $50 return fee. If payment is not made, including any additional return fees within 30 days, Neat NC reserves the right to seek compensation due in court or may turn delinquencies to collection agencies as we see fit.

It is agreed that the purchase of any sorters, drawers, baskets, organizers, or any other project-related supplies of any kind are the responsibility of the Client. Should the Organizer make purchases on behalf of the Client, the expense will be reimbursed by the Client and a shopping fee of 10% of the project total, will be applied.


Due to the high demand in our business, a last-minute cancellation often results in lost income and time for the Organizer. Due to this irreplaceable loss, we require a minimum of 48-hours notice of cancellation for organization projects and 72 hours for whole house move-in projects. 

[ORGANIZATION ONLY] Any appointments canceled within fewer than 48-hours prior to appointment time will incur a cancellation fee of $50. No show appointments will incur a $100 fee, regardless of the number of hours scheduled. Hands-on organizing sessions begin at the scheduled time, regardless if the Client is delayed.

[WHOLE HOUSE MOVE-IN ONLY] Any appointments canceled within fewer than 72-hours prior to appointment time will incur a cancellation fee of 10% of the total project cost.

Neat NC reserves the right to waive fees for special circumstances as determined by management. To do so is at the sole discretion of management and does not, in any way, alter or waive any portion of this Agreement. We do, however, understand that emergencies happen and therefore allow each client one grace pass per calendar year to reschedule without penalty. There is no grace pass for no-show appointments. 

If late cancelations become routine, Neat NC reserves the right to refuse future services altogether.


Neat NC will either make suggestions about necessary supplies to be purchased and the Client will complete the shopping -OR- per the Client’s request, Neat NC will shop for and purchase the supplies, making certain they are delivered to the Client’s location. Clients are responsible for all agreed-upon supplies (file folders, labels, shelving, containers, hooks, etc.) necessary for the completion of the project and the fee for shopping. The shopping fee of 10% of the project total plus the cost of materials will be applied. Receipts for funds spent on the Client’s behalf will be presented with the invoice. All returns of items are to be made by the client.


Sixty (60) minutes of round trip travel time is complimentary (from Wake Forest, North Carolina). Any additional travel time is billed at our standard hourly rate at $50 per hour. Travel time between work sites is billed at our standard hourly rate. Travel fees may be waived at the sole discretion of management.


Regarding the editing, sorting, and organizing of items, the Client maintains process ownership. Neat NC recognizes items as the sole property of the Client, and though efforts will be made to help reduce the volume of belongings when necessary, it is hereby stated that the final decision on such matters belongs to the Client.


Project outcomes depend on the Client’s willingness to participate in the process; sorting, editing, and donating when necessary. Long-term maintenance of organization hinges on the Client’s commitment to maintaining the order, and quantity of items in the space.


Neat NC will, at the Client’s request, transport items for disposal to the appropriate locations. Whether by donation, recycling, shredding, or trash should Neat NC take items, they may dispose of said items at their sole discretion. The client may elect to dispose of items personally as well.

Neat NC takes donations to several non-profit organizations in the area (Green Chair for furniture, Salvation Army, Raleigh Rescue Mission, Dress for Success, and Note in the Pocket). If you want your items taken somewhere else within reason, Neat NC can take them there, or we can arrange for you to do that.


All Neat NC employees and contractors do their best to complete the work in a timely manner, however, all parties agree that time is not of the essence to complete any agreed-upon work. While we do our best to work expediently, we also take into consideration the Client’s emotional, physical, and mental needs. We will adjust our speed of work for the best interest of the Client. If any provision of this contract is held unenforceable, then such provision will be modified to reflect the parties’ intention. All remaining provisions of this contract shall remain in full force and effect.


Neat NC reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for the following reasons:

  • Repeated cancelations and rescheduling
  • Client or family members engage in disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior, which can include but is not limited to yelling, verbal abuse, threats (outright or implied)
  • Non-payment
  • Unsafe or unsanitary working conditions


The Client releases all rights to before and after photos/videos, to be used by Neat NC for marketing purposes, including but not limited to website, social media, educational presentations, and pamphlets. Client identity and confidentiality will always be the top priority in regards to photo/video usage.

Client will sign a separate model release form if the client agrees to create video testimony, show their face in photos, or reveal their identity in any way.


Neat NC nor their employees or contractors is not liable for any loss due to damage to property, self or disposition of items. The Client retains full responsibility unless gross negligence or intentional damage has been proven.