Whole House Move-In Experiences


Whole House Move-In Services


All premier experiences include the following:

+ Unpack every box

+ Organize every living space

+ Clean and sanitize every space we organize

+ Coordinate with a list of vetted vendors for additional services (movers, handyman, cleaning services, etc). 

+ Remove all boxes and moving materials from your home

+ Provide client-assurance checklist with personal walkthrough

+ Coordinate all vendors on day of move-in

+ Provide curated shopping services

Every premier experience is unique. 

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  • Cancellation Policy– The client may request to reschedule a project within 72 hours without penalty. If the project is canceled altogether, the client is billed and responsible for 10% of the project cost.
  • A travel fee is applied outside a 25-mile radius.
  • Priority Pricing- Incur priority pricing within 72 hours of the project date. This charge is 10% of the package total.
  • If applicable, Neat NC will shop for all organizing materials. The cost will be customized according to the needs of the client’s home.

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